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If you want to be on the cutting edge of the actuarial profession, join the Risk Management Task Force list serve or one of the subgroups! You might choose to be only an observer – receiving emails form the list serves, or decide to get involved in the discussions via the subgroup conference calls. No experience is necessary, just some enthusiasm and desire to learn! Please follow these easy steps below:

  1. Browse the RMTF website and learn about its various subgroups.
  2. If you found the subgroup(s) of your choice, send email to Julie Young indicating this subgroup(s). Or, contact one of the task force members listed below for more information.
  3. Suggest a new subgroup topic, if the topic of your interest is not yet being addressed. Send an email to Dave Ingram or Valentina Isakina, specifying this topic and your desired level of involvement once the new subgroup is formed.

Society of Actuaries Risk Management Task Force
Latest membership count: 264
David Ingram

Task Force Leadership
David Ingram Pricing for Risk
Fred TavanRisk Management Metrics
Jenny Bowen
Economic Capital Calculation and Allocation
Richard Pitts Task Force Web Coordinator
James ReiskytlPolicyholder Behavior in the Tail, RBC Covariance
Jenny BowenEnterprise Risk Management
Juan Kelly Chief Risk Officer Grouplet (ERM Subgroup)
Tom Edwalds Extreme Value Models
John Stark Health Risk Management

Bernie Rabinowitz Modeling Grouplet (HRM Subgroup)
Rajeev Dutt Specialty Guide Grouplet (HRM Subgroup)
Trevor PollittSolvency Grouplet (HRM Subgroup)
Vinaya SharmaRBC Covariance Project Oversight Group Leader

Max Rudolph Professional Education and Development Committee
Novian Junus Credit Risk Management

SOA Staff Liaison:
Valentina Isakina, Staff Actuary (Finance)

SOA Staff Support:
Maryellen Beach, Senior Project Manager, Practice Areas
Julie Young,
Practice Area Administrator (Life and Finance)

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