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Credit Risk Management (CRM) Subgroup
May 17, 2004
1:00 p.m. Central Time

Participants: Dave Ingram (Leader), Mark Abbott, Cathy Ehrlich, Juan Kelly, Claus Metzner, Martin LaRoux, Vinaya Sharma

Dave received word from Maryellen Beach of SOA that she would work with us to prepare the survey for the web based survey engine that has been used by other Risk Management groups. Cathy volunteered to work with Maryellen to prepare the survey.

The members of this group will be asked to act as beta testers as soon as the survey is ready on the web.

A link to the survey will be distributed to the RM Section and the Investment section members. It will also be sent to Barry Franklin for distribution as widely as possible within the CAS.

We will target the survey for June 21. We will send an email out at that time with the link. three weeks later we will send the link again and close the survey after four weeks.

Juan volunteered to work with summarization of the data. We will review the results and begin to formulate our strategy for responding.

Claus volunteered to turn the survey results and group plans into an article for publication in the RM Section newsletter and/or other appropriate publications when we get to that point.

Our next call will be June 17 at 1 p.m. central.

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