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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Minutes


Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) – Working Group Minutes
May 5, 2005
1 p.m. Central Time

Jenny Bowen (Leader), Renee Cassell, Charlene Collins, Kevin Dickson, Juan Kelly, Zenaida Samaniego, Julie Young (SOA), Mark Yu

ERM Specialty Guide
We agreed that we were close enough to having a version of the document worth posting on the website that we would schedule the steps necessary to make it happen in June!

ACTION ITEM: (Julie) Julie will get a resource within the SOA by June 1, to fix the formatting and edit the ERM Specialty Guide. (Julie has since enlisted the help of Clay Baznik and Jill Arce, in the SOA communications department. They will be providing this valuable service for us. Jenny will send them version 11 of the document by June 6. They expect to complete the editing/formatting work in one week.)

ACTION ITEM: (All) Get comments in to Jenny by May 27, for version 11 (which will be submitted to the editors). (Jenny has since pushed back the date for submission of the document to the editors, so the deadline for changes or additions to be submitted to her can be extended to June 2.)

Subsequent to the meeting, Jenny and Charlene have been working with Julie to obtain legal review of the case-study-type portions of the text.

Next Call
June 21 at 1 p.m. Central Time.

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