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Health Risk Management (HRM) Learders Grouplet Minutes
Grouplet Leaders
August 9, 2004

Kara Clark, Rajeev Dutt, Trevor Pollitt, Sudha Shenoy, John Stark

Regrets: Valentina Isakina

  1. Health Risk Management Grouplets
    We are reviewing the focus of the work of the health risk management grouplets. We have decided to focus on helping to develop risk management principles and applications from a health perspective (evaluating and building a business case for the use of (enterprise) risk management principles for health entities).

  2. Updates on the Ideas from July Call

    • Will move forward with the appropriate groups on establishing a health analytical tool group (either the health practice area or Health Section). Idea has met with favor to date. Current projects that could fall under this umbrella include:
      • Modeling seminar. Kara has fleshed out an outline for this seminar. John Stark and Doug Fearrington have a call with SOA staff later this week to further the idea.
      • Provider network RFP. The RFP has been issued.

    • Rajeev and John are participating in the ERM specialty guide subgroup. The specialty guide is not intended to be practice specific, but it would be preferable to have some health examples to demonstrate general application. Members of the subgroup have been assigned various parts of the guide to draft by mid-September. Rajeev has agreed to help support the development of various “real-life” examples.

    • Kara has drafted a blast email to be sent to the Health membership, soliciting real life examples of business situations where the application of risk management principles may have contributed to better business outcomes.

  3. Discussion on Next Steps
    We decided that it is premature to send the blast email to the membership. First, we will research some examples based on real-life situations and how the ERM specialty guide principles and health risk mappings can be used to evaluate those business situations (sort of a pilot test). Doing so will help validate both documents and demonstrate where additional discussion is needed.

    Action Items

    • Kara will ask for SOA staff support to research examples of LTC pricing/design/marketing/administration as well as the Medicare + Choice market
    • We will set up another call in a couple weeks to review the health risk mapping document as a group.
    • Everyone should review both the risk mapping document and the ERM specialty guide outline between now and the next call.
    • Kara will find SOA staff support to update the RM web site on our activities.

  4. Next Call – Sept 9 at 2 pm central

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