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Health Risk Management (HRM) Subgroup
Solvency Grouplet
June 13, 2003
10:00 a.m. Central Time

John Stark, Sharon Kuester, Trevor Pollitt

Regrets: Tim Adams

Topics to work on – the survey results
Most of the topics chosen at all had 2 votes. The chosen ones (from the list circulated) were

  • Asset Risk
  • Rapid growth or decline in membership
  • Margins/conservatism
  • Effect of provider negotiations/relations on solvency
  • General catastrophes
  • Wall Street pressures
  • Risk Based Capital
  • Capital needs when health is not your only line of business


  • RBC is already being covered elsewhere: at most, need liaison from this group.
  • Last item is within purview of RBC.
  • Most immediate effect we could have is to reduce misinformation. Possible directions:
    • Create seminars for brokerage houses.
    • Sponsor academic study of predictive value of indicators being used to compare companies (ex: days of unpaid claims). If study has already been done, raise its profile.
  • Others are interesting, but need a champion who can refine concepts and possible work products

These suggested work products entail very different levels of effort, but even the latter one is not trivial. We should work with Society staff to clarify the scope of a study, and determine whether it has already been done. Anyone who would like to help this process, please volunteer.

Our next meeting can occur after we have some plan for the study, in terms of funding and timeframe.

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