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Health Risk Management (HRM) Subgroup
Solvency Grouplet
October 2, 2003
1:00 p.m. Central Time

Trevor Pollitt (Leader), Tim Adams, Kara Clark (SOA), Mike Crook, Randy Edwards, John Stark

Update by Kara on metrics research project
The financial reporting workgroup has initially decided to develop a white paper addressing some of the metrics reported by publicly traded companies. They may decide to develop a research project to look at alternatives to the metrics used in current practice but have not reached that point yet. We will therefore shape the project ourselves, if at all (see below).

Discussion of Orlando HRM Open Forum
John quickly sketched out the forum for the group. Roughly 20 people have signed up so far. Of the participants in this call, John, Trevor, and Kara will be in Orlando.

What we can and want to work on
We have multiple directions to continue along, after an active discussion of risk measures.\

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