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Policyholder Behavior in the Tail Subgroup (PBITT) Minutes


Policyholder Behavior in the Tail
July 20, 2004
10:00 a.m. Central Time

Steve Siegel, Cliff Angstrom; Pete Bondy; Dale Hagstrom, Jim Reiskytl

  1. Steve reported that possibly five companies might submit data for a US based study by Dr. Kim. He has defined the format for data submissions. One company has already submitted their data! We should receive a new time line for the project and have requested an interim report about half way through the work to check on progress, make corrections?

  2. We brainstormed about other ideas to pursue after this study or possibly during the same time. Pete Bondy suggested that we study the impact of marketing groups that are rewriting significant amounts of ULife that have failed to live up to their illustrations on lapse rates. After discussion we agreed to pursue a short replacement questionnaire (actually two) to agent producer groups; the other to the companies-to be drafted for discussion on this next call. Steve suggested this might be done at no additional cost if it is done in house at the SOA.

  3. Cliff and Pete will help Steve put together a list of agent producer groups that we will survey by the next call. done

  4. Other ideas discussed included a questionnaire on the impact of the down stock market on VAs. Please continue to develop other ideas to be discussed on our next call.

  5. Our next call will be on Tuesday August 31 at 10 AM CST.

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