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Risk Based Capital Covariance Subgroup (RBCC) Minutes


Risk Based Capital Covariance (RBCC) Subgroup
January 8, 2003

Steve has discussed funding with John M.

We have secured 25,700 (Finance Section, Risk Committee, Life Practice Section) and other section contacted have shown interest.

The final offer of 37,500 is still on.

Jim R. will formally thank the contributors.

The only stumbling block is John M's access to the U of W graduate students.
- plan is for John M. to be given adjunct professor status - and this has not yet been received
- this matter should be decided within a week
- if this were to fall through - other proposals will be reconsidered.

We have had feedback to the bids that were rejected.

On for Friday at 11:30 Central.

John M. won't be attending the call.

Most of the group has never been on a POG before.

Larry Gorski will be added to the POG and has experience in these matters. Steve and Max also have some experience.

The POG approach will rely on the researcher's preferences.
- the standard methods may need to be fitted e.g. if he prefers to work independently and report for group review.

On the POG: Larry G., Max R., Steve S., Jason A., John S., Vinaya S., Ali Z-S.

Please read the Proposal for the first POG meeting on Friday.

Steve and John will be the liaisons to the researcher.

The RBC Covariance investigation will likely be the main and only focus for the next 3 months.

John M. has indicated a first draft will be ready by then.

Other Matters
Will leave these matters aside for now, and raise them when the first draft has been reviewed and discussed.

Next Call
April 8 at 12 noon Central Time.

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