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Risk Management Metrics (RMM) Subgroup Minutes


Risk Management Metrics Subgroup
March 6, 2003
2 p.m. Central Time

Participants: Dave Ingram (Leader), Geoff Alaishuski, Cliff Angstman, John Kollar, Dennis Lauzon, Julie Perks, Kamran Quavi, Fred Tavan, Lori VandeKrol, Grace Wong

  1. Discussion of next steps for Metrics definitions that have already been drafted

    Action Items:

    1. – Publicize posting of these drafts more widely - not assigned (they are posted on http://www.soa.org/sections/rmtf/rmtf_rmm.html )
    2. – Discuss possible usage by E&E for study notes - Dave
    3. – Continue to complete development of OAS draft - Lori
    4. – Continue to develop additional drafts - suggested topics include
      Insurance risk metrics for mortality, morbidity and persistency -
      tabled until next call

  2. Discussion of Draft of Risk Limits Paper

    Action Item: – Provide feedback to Dennis & Kamran to make further revisions to draft - Fred & Dave

  3. Discussion of Risk Appetite & Risk Limits

    Action Item: – Develop brief description of definition and scope of possible work here - Fred, Dave & Cliff
  4. Note – John mentioned that a CAS group was looking into this same topic, planning to do literature search and work from there. Discussed sending a representative to that group - none identified at this time.

  5. Other items mentioned – no action items
    Forward looking risk measurement
    Development of a standard for risk profiling of insurance products
    Development of materials describing current risks that companies are exposed to
    because of long duration investments and short liabilities and low margins

  6. Next Call - April 10 @ 9 a.m. Central

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