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Risk Management Metrics
November 6, 2003
9:00 a.m. Central Time

Participants: Fred Tavan (Leader), Mark Abbott, Ellen Hall, David Ingram, Dennis Lauzon,
Ted Steven

Update on Database
Fred has found someone to get the Access database started.

Discussion on Asset MV Risk (AMVR)
There was a lot of discussion around the definition of AMVR. The AAA definition seems to be inconsistent in that it refers both to the difference between BV and MV and also to the risk of fluctuating equity values. The group decided to complement the AAA definition in order to provide some clarification that this subcategory does not include A/L mismatch risk but only the risk associated with surplus book to market differences. If projection techniques are used then the risk exposure is the difference between the MV at time t and the BV at time t-1.

Measures that were discussed included:

Duration for fixed income instruments
TVaR (or CTE) for equities
Volatility of the Market Price considering : i) historical; ii) projected; iii) implied
changes to spreads. The type of spread will vary based on the application. Examples
include: credit spreads, liquidity spreads, SWAP spreads, Vacancy rates for commercial

Current Book to Market differences
Sensitivity analysis on EV using different future economic scenarios and its impact on
the value of assets supporting required capital Vega for securities including options
(this may have to be mapped to the market volatility risk subcategory)

The above measures will be entered into the database and further descriptions will be provided in the future.

There was discussion around where the risk of guarantees on SF/VA products should go. It was agreed that the group would decide once we analyze the insurance risk subcategories. While these guarantees are affected by the MV of assets supporting the liabilities, this may be more due to the insurance product design and belong to insurance rather than MV risk.

Assignment of RMM for Credit Risk Category

Business Credit Risk will be done by David Ingram.
Invested Asset Credit Risk will be done by Dennis Lauzon.
Concentration Risk will be done by Ellen Hall.

Next Call
The next call will be on December 3rd at 10AM EST (9 central).

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