Risk Management
Task Force

The Society of Actuaries Finance Practice Area's Risk Management Task Force


About the Task Force and Its Goals…
The Risk Management Task Force, commissioned by the Society's Finance Practice Area Advancement Committee and supported by the Investment Section Council has established the following goals:

  • to address the growing need for information on risk management
  • to make risk management a regular part of actuarial practice
  • to advance professional recognition and career opportunities for actuaries in the arena of risk management

In pursuit of these goals, the Task Force has identified four major activities:

  1. promotion of actuarial expertise in areas of risk management,
  2. promotion of opportunities for actuaries in the arena of risk management,
  3. sponsorship of seminars on risk management, and
  4. development of new risk management educational materials.

The Task Force will focus on the development and improvement of educational materials for actuaries wishing to practice in the risk management area, with the expectation that risk management practices of actuaries will eventually be as well documented as the practices for calculation of actuarial reserves are currently.

The Task Force will network with other risk management working groups in the profession, ensuring that a broad spectrum of ideas is considered and that the scope of the Task Force is regularly redefined to meet current needs.

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