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Extreme Value Models
Bob Guth, Leader

In today's business environment, extreme events are commanding more attention. These events have very low frequencies (e.g., once-a-century) but extraordinarily high costs. Research has shown that the Normal Distribution, which is pervasively used in actuarial work, underestimates the frequency of these events, sometimes significantly. Consequently, actuaries need to have more expertise in this aspect of risk management.

The Extreme Value Models subgroup of the Risk Management Task Force has two goals:

  • Increase the actuarial profession's awareness of these extreme risks and of the pitfalls of using simplistic methods to assess these risks.
  • Provide education and tools needed to quantify, manage, and price the risks associated with extreme-valued outcomes.
In order to accomplish these goals, the subgroup will:
  • Identify, develop, and publicize resources for actuaries concerning the quantification, management, and pricing of relevant risks.
  • Investigate the statistical distributions describing the frequency of extreme-valued outcomes, including non-parametric and non-symmetric distributions.
  • Monitor and/or sponsor research in this area.
  • Provide continuing education opportunities about applications of extreme-valued risk measurement and management.

Recent Activities

The Extreme Value Models subgroup helped organize a session on Extreme Value Theory at the 2004 Enterprise Risk Management Symposium. A description of the sessions, Track E, as well as the handouts are available online.

In 2003 we sponsored a contest encouraging actuaries to consider possible, but perceived-to-be unlikely, events. Read the
winning entry, a thought provoking essay on negative interest rates by Ken Faig!

Sample Applications
Steve Craighead has developed an Excel workbook that can be used to become familiar with calculations stemming from Extreme Value Theory. To begin applying these techniques to your applications follow this link. For instructions on use of the workbook follow this link

Jonathan T Wang has prepared a discussion on using extreme value theory to model operational risk.
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