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Books are listed alphabetically, by title. The subgroup referencing the text is denoted by the small icon,
but these listings or synopses are not endorsements by the Task Force or the Society of Actuaries for
any of the sources, authors or publishers.

Texts available from the Society of Actuaries' Library are denoted with the icon.

Beyond Value at Risk: The New Science of Risk Management
Wiley (1998)

Corporate Risk Strategies and Management
Brown, Chew
Risk Books (1999), Hardcover (436 pages)

Enterprise Risk Management: From Incentives to Control
Wiley, 2003, 319 pages

Enterprise-wide Risk Management: Strategies for Linking
Risk and Opportunity

Deloach, Temple
Financial Times Management (2000), Paperback

Extremes and Integrated Risk Management
(available from SOA)
Embrechts et al
Risk Books, Hardcover (297 pages)

Extreme Value Distributions: Theory and Application
Kotz, Nadarajah
Imperial College Press (2001), Hardcover (185 pages)

Financial Risk Manager Handbook 2001/2002
(available from SOA)
Wiley (2002), 800 pages

Integrated Risk Management: Techniques and Strategies for Managing
McGraw-Hill (2000), Hardcover (646 pages)

Internal Credit Risk Models: Capital Allocation and Performance
Risk Books (1999)

Introduction to Copulas
Nelsen, Krickeberg
Springer Verlag (1999), Paperback (216 pages)

An Introduction to Statistical Modeling of Extreme Values
Springer (2001)

Measuring and Managing Operational Risks in Financial Institutions: Tools,
Techniques and Other Resources

Wiley (2001)

Model Risk: Concepts, Calibration and Pricing
Risk Books (2000)

Modelling Extremal Events for Insurance and Finance
(available from SOA)
Embrechts et al
Springer Verlag (2000), Hardcover (645 pages)

The Professional’s Handbook of Financial Risk Management
Lore, Borodovsky
Butterworth Heinemann (2000), Hardcover (832 pages)

Time Series Analysis
Princeton University Press (1994), Hardcover (820 pages)

CRM - Credit Risk Management | ECCA - Economic Capital Calculation and Allocation
ERM- Enterprise Risk Management | EM - Equity Modeling | EVM - Extreme Value Models
HRM - Health Risk Management | PBT - Policyholder Behavior in the Tail | PFR - Pricing for Risk
RBC - Risk Based Capital Covariance | RMM - Risk Management Metrics

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