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About the Risk Management Task Force Subgroups…
In order to speak to the many facets of risk management, the Task Force created
subgroups, each working to develop educational opportunities to address a particularly crucial issue as identified by the Task Force. These subgroups, chaired by members of the task force, are made up of volunteers recruited from SOA's membership and other actuarial, academic and risk organizations. Building on preliminary project descriptions developed by the Task Force, each subgroup is exploring and developing one or more specific projects. Each subgroup's goal is to make certain that the project results satisfy the educational needs identified by the subgroup.

Potential sub-group projects include:

  • Research Projects
  • Specialty Guides
  • Calls for Papers
  • Session Topics for SOA meetings
  • Separate Seminars
  • Development of a Textbook (similar to the GAAP book)
  • Other Approaches
  • Bridge Projects (necessary when existing materials addressing a topic are identified but deemed more geared to another industry or for academic materials. Project work will "bridge" the gap to adapt those materias for use in actuarial practices.)
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